Hebrews: Cleansing the Conscience

We are bombarded daily with emails, commercials, and sales people all promising that their product will help make you feel better or improve your life in a significant way.  However, if you are like most people these promises fall sadly short of their stated goals.  
The guarantee of consumerism is not satisfaction; it is a promise that you will always need more.   However, Yeshua’s guarantee is not a product but himself.  Yeshua’s sacrifice is greater than the perpetual office of the blood of bulls and goats.  He has become our mediator so that we can receive the promise of an eternal inheritance once and for all!   Rabbi Rosenberg argues in this week’s sermon that no matter how hard we try we cannot clean our own conscience; we have to allow the sacrifice of the Messiah to purify our lives so we can serve the living God.