Hebrews: Himself

Have you ever found yourself afraid for your life? As we reflect on these past few weeks around the world we are reminded that although we know that all things are subject to Yeshua our savior and king it doesn’t always look that way.
We are tempted to do all sorts of things in response or to protect ourselves. It’s hard not to be afraid of the things we see happening around us, however, the book of Hebrews challenges to remember that death has been defeated and even more fear has been conquered. In this week’s Sermon, Rabbi Rosenberg walks us through the second part of Hebrews chapter two exploring the reality and historicity of Yeshua life, death, and resurrection and its impact on our life. Can you imagine a life without fear, what would you try? What would you dream to achieve? Yeshua made it possible, now it’s time to live!!