Our Mission:
We want to lead people to return to the God of our fathers by becoming fully devoted followers of Yeshua. 
While every disciple is a believer, not every believer is necessarily a disciple.
At Adat HaTikvah discipleship is the process by which believers grow in the Lord, Yeshua the Messiah, and are equipped by the Holy Spirit to become more and more like Him. This is reflected in a three-step process Discover, Become, Invest. 
Where you are from, your past experiences help you discover where you belong and where you are going.
Who you are meant to be through discipleship, assessments, coaching, and small group discussion with a focus on intentional personal spiritual formation.
When you know who you are and your gifts you can fully and intentionally invest in God’s Kingdom.
Adat is…
  1. Reflecting the Jewishness of Yeshua
  2. A House of Prayer for all Nations
  3. Centered on the Biblical Calendar
  4. Spirit-filled blended worship made up of contemporary music and liturgy
  5. A congregation of people who are discovering who we are, becoming who we are created to to be, and investing in God’s kingdom.